Lot's of exciting news

It’s been a while since I posted a real update…twitter and Facebook has had a few tidbits about what’s going on in my little world but I figured there was enough build up of news to warrant a full blog post.

Where to start? I guess the fundraising campaign I ran through Pursu.it – https://pursu.it/campaign/stuart-wight/. WOW…I was completely blown away, humbled, honoured, and all kinds more emotions about how much support it received so quickly. I’ve always been incredibly fortunate to have wonderful people behind my sporting dreams and seeing everyone come together to contribute to this made me realize just how massive my support group really is. Thank you all so much for pitching in with it in various ways, be it a donation, spreading the word, or input and help with the production. (Ok let’s be honest…”help” with production means completely handling the production for this technologically challenged bike racer!) In any case, I’m touched and really hope you all enjoy the givebacks as they start to come out.

Next up…what I used part of the funding from my campaign for. I’ve been in LA for the last month going through a very intensive training/selection camp on the track to form the core group of track riders heading into the next Olympics. Having never really ridden the track aside from an appearance at Nationals this year, I was utterly petrified about cruising around the velodrome at nearly 60kms/hr, only centimetres from the guy in front of you with no brakes. I can honestly say I’ve never been more scarred on a bike, but gradually it became better and better until I was completely hooked on the efforts we were doing. I still don’t know how things will play out with selection and where this will go, but in just a few weeks I have already taken so much in and look forward to seeing what I can do with more work in this relatively foreign type of effort for me.

Other exciting news is that I’m finally allowed to announce my new team for 2014. I’ll be back in Canada after spending the last 5 years being the foreigner on different teams! I’m very happy to find a place with Vancouver based H&R Block – http://www.teamhrblock.ca. The team has pulled together some of Canada’s best young riders and we’ll be doing a lot of big races throughout North America. I’ll be able to round out my calendar with some European racing through the National Team so my race program is starting to shape up quite nicely.

Finally, I’d like to give a big thanks to Ric Stern, head coach of RST Sport for taking me on for next season. I can’t give enough thanks to the personal coaches I’ve worked with up to this point – Luc Arseneau from the National Cycling Centre – Atlantic, and Brian Walton through Walton Endurance. I’ve learned so much from both and would recommend either without hesitation, but feel I’m at a point where some new ideas are what I need in my training. I’m very grateful for this opportunity to work with Ric and can’t wait to soak in some of his experience as well.

So that’s about it for now. We’re wrapping up the road portion of this training camp in LA with another 25-30 hour week of riding in the mountains. Thanks for catching up with the blog!

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